Additional Brewery Tours

01 Jul Additional Brewery Tours

As of Monday the 4th of July, we will be offering mid-week evening brewery tours to keep up with the growing demand to see our fully functioning brewery and all its special quirks.

New tours will take place every evening Monday through Thursday at 7pm. A maximum 25 people are allowed on each tour, which must be booked in advance.

Our popular tour guides Marcel and Adam will alternate leading the tours though you may get to see some new faces as well. All tours are sure to be as entertaining as they are insightful!

Tours begin with an introduction to brewing and the history of WEST. Visitors are then led into the brewery where there are taken through the steps of the brewing process, from the milling room where the malted barley is stored to WEST’s famed copper kettle and mash tun as well as the fermentation vats.

Tours finish with a guided tasting of a few of WEST’s award-winning beers back upstairs in the beer hall. Visitors will also have the option to enjoy a meal before or after their tour from our acclaimed German-inspired menu.

If you’ve not yet experienced a tour of WEST Brewery this must be remedied! Call 0141 550 0135 (Option 1) to book your place today. Brewery tour vouchers (available from our online shop or behind the bar) make a great gift as well.

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